Meet Christelle, Class of 2018 Valedictorian

For the eighth year in a row, 100% of Boston Prep's graduates have been accepted to a four-year college.  Christelle Labossiere is one of the many seniors looking forward to beginning her journey through college this fall.

Boston Prep Valedictorian - Christelle Laboissiere.jpg

Christelle looks back fondly on her childhood in Haiti.  "Growing up in Haiti is like remembering a dream you had years ago, remembering how magnificent it was and how disappointed you were to depart it by the sound of an alarm clock. Haiti was the sweet memories of the mango trees from Tati Zee’s yard, and the sound of footsteps against sedimentary rocks as people placed heavy loads of rice or water on their heads."  However rich life was in Haiti, Christelle's mother knew that in order for her daughter to have a life full of opportunity, they must leave their home for the United States.  Therefore, in her elementary years, Christelle left all she knew with her mother and came to live in America, settling in Boston.

Opportunity, of course, does not guarantee success.  As a passionate, dedicated learner, Christelle has consistently put in the work and effort required to turn her dreams into a reality, helping her rise to the top of her class.  Christelle has an insatiable appetite for knowledge, causing her to regularly seek out ways to go deeper than the information presented in class.  She can often be found deep in conversation with faculty after class, researching new concepts online, or creating new study guides to support herself and her classmates.


Notably, Chistelle's greatest strength is not academic but rather her deep compassion and commitment to her community.  Christelle considers her own success only after the success of others.  She has become a leader in the Boston Prep community, not only in the classroom but also through her involvement with National Honor Society and varsity sports, as a result of her genuine concern for the well-being of her peers.  Whatever the task at hand, Christelle invests deeply in lifting those around her - encouraging her fellow athletes to dig deeper and run harder, running study groups to build confidence among her classmates for upcoming exams, and more.  

Christelle's achievements to date have been strongly supported by her keen sense of reflection.  When asked what her greatest accomplishment is, Christelle remarks simply, "My realization that I can do better every day by self-examining myself. I cherish what I already know and what I hope to become as a person."  It is this dedication to constant reflection and improvement that will continue to carry Christelle on her journey to success in the years to come as a student at Tufts University and beyond.  While Christelle knows that there are challenges sure to come in college, she is confident and prepared to take those challenges on, knowing she is not ever alone, thanks to the strong relationships she has built.


Looking back at her time at Boston Prep, Christelle shared the following words of advice for those just entering high school.  "Throughout your high school journey, it is important to remember your ‘why’ and to understand how holistically your effort will not only help your family but make a positive impact on society. Therefore, make the most of your high school experience: ask for help, utilize your resources, and be open to change.”

We are incredibly proud of not only Christelle but all of our seniors.  Please join us at graduation on Sunday, June 10 to celebrate their tireless effort and dedication as they step into the next phase of their journey to college success.  Graduation will be held at 3PM at the Strand Theatre (543 Columbia Road, Dorchester).