I Choose: Original Spoken Word Performance at the Toast 2017

Seven Boston Prep high school students wrote an original spoken word piece for Boston Prep's annual gala, The Toast 2017.  Watch their performance and read the words of their powerful piece, "I Choose," below.

I Choose

You may say that the achievement gap
has set me up to lose.
You may say that there’s no hope for me
But hopefulness is what I choose.

Does my perseverance upset you?
Did you expect me to give in?
No statistic can ever bring me down,
Because I know I’ll always win.

Just like those who came before me
and said that they refuse,
To accept conditions as they are.
Excellence is what I choose.

Does my courage intimidate you?
Each day I rise, and try my best.
I know hard work and dedication
will guarantee success.

Did you anticipate my failure
By the color of my skin?
Did you think I’d never travel past
the zip code I live in?

To build my future is a choice,
so I hope that you acknowledge
that I choose to reach my goals,
and graduate from college.

You may have low expectations.
You may have distorted views.
But I’m changing your perception,
through small actions that I choose.

There’s no such thing as luck,
and no abilities innate.
My destiny is mine to choose,
My future’s mine to make.

I choose to speak my truth.
I choose to do what’s right.
I choose to lead with integrity.
I choose to be the light.

I choose to rise above.
I choose to change the world.
I choose to fight for justice.
I choose to spread the love.

I choose Boston Prep.
I choose Boston Prep.