Du Bois Award Winners: Meet Our Remarkable Students

The Du Bois Award is one of the highest honors at Boston Prep, awarded each week to one deserving student in front of the entire school community.  Named after W. E. B. Du Bois, the award recognizes a student who embodies the core virtues of Boston Prep -- courage, compassion, integrity, perseverance, and respect.  The award is an opportunity to highlight students who have shown high levels of academic achievement or growth along with a high level of character development.  In essence, Du Bois Award winners are students who embody the mission of Boston Prep.

Every Boston Prep teacher has the privilege of presenting the Du Bois Award one time each year.  As such, the selection of a student to honor is not taken lightly. Meet our recent Du Bois winners through excerpts of the speeches teachers gave while honoring them in front of the school community.

Tatiana Mendez, Grade 9 - Honored by Ms. Richter & Mr. Doherty
"This student has a strong, silent power that will one day translate into great leadership. She exemplifies Boston Prep’s virtues in a way that is uncommon among her peers. I can count on her to lead by example and live up to our motto that effort determines success. She knows that she is not entitled to success, but it’s earned through dedication and hard work."

Esther Ukpokpo, Grade 12 - Honored by Ms. Shuman & Ms. Fontes
"Her external calmness belies a level of drive and passion that is uncommon even here at Boston Prep. It is always exciting to see what she is going come up with next: what creative solution to a previously ‘impossible’ problem, what brilliant argument in defense of the defenseless. She just keeps pushing and pushing until she gets it right."

Alexander Martinez, Grade 6 - Honored by Ms. Adams
"It’s easy to care about yourself and your own success, but he has started to spread that concern and attention to his peers. He has helped make his homeroom a more compassionate, kind space.  This compassion has led him to volunteer himself as a tutor to students he has seen struggling. This compassion has also been seen at recess, where he takes pride in playing fairly with all, even supporting teachers who need help throwing a football."

Wesler Dolcine, Grade 11 - Honored by Ms. Bacon
"Although we just started the college process, this student has committed to putting forth his full effort in reflecting on his GPA and PSAT score and taking the necessary steps to see improvement. He is inquisitive and brings a certain calmness to class. With continued focus and drive, I am confident that he will be able to choose the college of his choice at this time next year."


Billy Trinh, Grade 6 - Honored by Ms. Gaburo
"This student has demonstrated courage in his consistent participation, respect in his interactions with adults and students, integrity in his constant ability to be behaviorally on-point, and perseverance when he completes all of his classwork and homework to the best of his ability, often writing more than is necessary on essays in order to earn extra credit."


Jael Rosario, Grade 9 - Honored by Ms. Jean-Louis & Ms. Crockett
"This student is always ready and willing to help others. He started to attend my office hours not for help from me – but to help me help other students. He now regularly tutors a peer in his learning lab time. I didn’t at all ask him to do this; he just saw that someone was in need and jumped at the opportunity to help."