College Dreams Become a Reality

College acceptances and financial aid packages are rolling in for Boston Prep seniors.  This can be a stressful time of year, as students weigh their options and prepare to make final choices in advance of the national college deposit deadline of May 1.  However, with our college counselors committed to increasing access, 36% of Boston Prep seniors got a head start this year, applying Early Action or Early Decision.  Remarkably, of those students who applied early, 81% received an acceptance, with 50% of early applicants gaining admission to their top choice school.  Meet four of those seniors, ready to begin the next chapter in their journey to success.

Kelsey: Northwestern University
The Class of 2017 valedictorian, Kelsey has been a high achiever, earning a 99.60 GPA, during her time at Boston Prep.  Kelsey serves as co-president and secretary for National Honor Society, is an officer in the Red Cross Club, and is a member of the Dean's Council, a group of upperclassmen who mentor and council students who are referred to the Dean's Office for behavioral issues.  In addition, Kelsey participates in MIT’s Saturday Engineering Enrichment and Discovery (SEED) Academy.  

Beginning next fall, Kelsey will be attending Northwestern University through QuestBridge, a highly competitive program that connects high-achieving students to scholarship opportunities and early acceptance at highly selective colleges.  Kelsey has been awarded a full scholarship and looks forward to studying engineering.  

In her college essay, Kelsey reflected on the influence her mother has had on her development as a student.  "The most important gift my mother has given me is my drive to succeed. I always keep her sacrifice in the forefront of my mind. Seeing her struggle for me has made me refuse to become complacent. I take advantage of every opportunity given to me, even as I strive for more. The person I am today is someone who has a high quality work ethic, a strong sense of independence, and optimism that pushes me to succeed.”


Kelvin: Bucknell University
As an engaged young person both in and out of the classroom, Kelvin is well positioned for success in college.  He has already gotten a taste for the collegiate experience as a scholar at New York University’s Pre-College Program.  In addition, he has served as a summer intern at Trustees of the Reservation and UMass Boston.  An avid athlete and photographer, Kelvin has served as captain of the Varsity soccer team, a photographer for the Yearbook Club, and an officer in the Boston Prep chapter of the Red Cross Club.  

Kelvin will be attending Bucknell University on a full scholarship as part of the Posse program, which “acts as a support system to ensure that each Posse Scholar succeeds and graduates from college. Posse Scholars receive four-year, full-tuition leadership scholarships from Posse partner colleges and universities."  He plans to study engineering.

Kelvin will bring with him all he has learned about perseverance during his time at Boston Prep, which he reflected upon in his college essay.  "Through my transition, I have learned that nothing comes to you unless you’re willing to work hard. You will have to go out of your comfort zone and break away from your normal routine to try new things. Overall, my transition has taught me that though things may be difficult, they are never impossible, and  I’m very glad I made the decision to persevere."


AllexAndrya: Smith College
Allex will be fulfilling her dream this fall, stepping onto the campus of Smith College as a student, studying biochemistry.  She was accepted to Smith through the Early Decision program, earning a $56,321 annual scholarship.  Allex is already familiar with the Smith campus and programs, as she was a scholar in the Smith College Summer Science and Engineering Program after also spending two summers at Brown University's Pre-College Program.  Maintaining a 92.75 GPA, Allex has been hardworking both in and out of the classroom throughout her time at Boston Prep.  She is currently President of the Student Senate, the high school student government body.  In addition, she served as captain of the Varsity girls basketball team and is a member of the Red Cross Club.  

As she prepares for the transition to college, Allex brings with her a sense of confidence and self-assurance, described in her college essay.  "In this moment, I realized that it is more than okay to be different and not fit in with the crowd I was 'supposed' to fit into. I grasped onto the idea that I should be proud of who I am. As I become more proud of my individuality, I am able to teach others how to be proud of their differences.”

Kennie: Wesleyan University
Kennie looks forward to bringing her passion for social justice to the campus of Wesleyan University this fall, where she plans to major in psychology and African-American Studies. Kennie was accepted to Wesleyan through the Early Decision program, earning a $54,389 annual scholarship.   Kennie has effected change in her community both at Boston Prep and in the broader community through a variety of activities over her high school career.  She was a founder of Boston Prep's Social Justice Club, a group that instituted Social Justice Week  to engage the student body in discussion about social justice issues.  She also served as an Emerging Leader with City School and a member of the Boston Cares Teen's Advisory Council.  In addition, Kennie attended Brown University's Pre-College Program, is a classical piano student, and is a member of the National Honor Society.  

Kennie looks forward to pairing her passion for social justice with her education at Wesleyan.  "Small-scale advocacy is not enough. I will become a clinical psychologist that reminds Americans of color that self-care and mental health are concrete and important... Higher education and social justice are not mutually exclusive. One will always be incomplete without the other, and I choose to use my education to bring about awareness and action."


We will be eager to share the successes of Kelsey, Kelvin, Allex, and Kennie in this next phase of their journeys, and we look forward to sharing more exciting news from other members of the senior class this spring.