Students Expand Horizons in Summer Enrichment

At Boston Prep, we know that every moment is ripe for learning - even those summer moments!  High school students use their summers to continue to grow and pursue their passions through summer enrichment programs of their choosing, whether it be studying on college campuses, interning in corporate offices, or volunteering in the community.  Whether students stay within the city of Boston or travel across the country, they are encouraged to participate in a program that enables them to explore a passion and demonstrate their commitment to learning and self-improvement. 

Through our work with college admissions representatives, we have learned that these summer experiences can often be the factor that sets a student apart in the admissions process.  As such, we remain committed to making it possible for Boston Prep students to participate in high quality summer enrichment programs, regardless of their families' financial status.  Many programs have price tags attached to them, and while some financial aid may be available, cost is often a reality.  With the support of generous donors, Boston Prep provides scholarships, on an application basis, to students in need who have secured admission to high quality summer programs.

2017.08.30 Shamari Summer at Stanford.jpg

Shamari is a current Boston Prep senior who got a taste of college this past summer through the Pre-Collegiate Summer Institute at Stanford University, where she participated in the Legal Studies program.

"I love to travel and have new experiences, and I'm very interested in law, so I was excited to be able to participate in the legal program at Stanford.  The program was fantastic.  While there, we worked in our groups, preparing for a mock trial, for several hours each day.  We also attended lectures delivered by Stanford Law professors.  We were in professional dress at all times and got a taste for not only the college level of legal studies but the practice of law professionally as well.

The program had very high expectations.  The rules were strict, and they expected everyone to be focused on their work.  And there was a lot of work, between lectures, group work, and homework!  At Boston Prep, teachers have high expectations for us too, so I was prepared for the demands of the program, both behaviorally and academically.  That said, I have a better understanding now for how focused you need to be in college, to be an active learner in a lecture setting, taking notes and engaging in a course.

One of the other great benefits of the program was getting the social experience of being at college.  I had a roommate, ate in the dining hall, and had to be independent and responsible.  I was able to build connections with peers – one of whom lives in Cambridge – and with staff from the program, most of whom are college students focused on law, which has shown me the great benefits of expanding my network and being connected to people who can help me along the way as I work to make my dreams a reality.  

2017.08.30 Shamari Summer at Stanford 2.JPG

I’m very appreciative to Boston Prep for the help applying to the program and for the financial assistance that made it possible for me to attend.  I would not have been able to have this great experience without the school's support.  I gained so much from the experience and hope it will help strengthen my resume as I apply to college.  I hope students younger than me can see what I was able to do and realize what's possible for them as well.  Ask your advisor and counselors for help when you begin looking for a summer enrichment.  Share your passions with them, and let them help you find high quality programs that will enable you to explore those passions.  They're there to help you, and the payoff is worth the effort."


The summer enrichment scholarship fund is supported through the generosity of donors.  If you would like to help  enable more students like Shamari to attend high-quality summer programs, please consider a gift to Boston Prep today.