Boston Prep Welcomes Newest Students

On March 9, Boston Prep held its thirteenth annual enrollment lottery.  As a public charter school, Boston Prep enrolls students via a public lottery, with no entrance exam, tuition, or discrimination based upon academic achievement, special needs, or English language status.  Families attended the lottery, anxiously awaiting results and hoping to hear their name as one of those admitted.  

Unfortunately, Boston Prep is able to offer seats to only a fraction of the students who apply.  Boston Prep received a record high 968 applications for the 2016-2017 enrollment lottery.    The recent selection included seats in both the sixth and ninth grades, with only 50 seats available in sixth grade and 25 seats available in ninth grade.  Following the lottery drawing, 224 sixth grade students were placed on a waiting list, as were an astonishing 445 ninth grade students.  Students placed on the waiting list will be notified if a seat becomes available.  A second lottery will be held in the summer for a very limited number of seventh and eighth grade seats.

 The issue of whether or not to allow expansion of charter schools in underperforming districts within the state of MA is currently under discussion among the legislature.  Gov. Baker has called repeatedly for the charter cap, which has been reached within Boston, to be lifted.  "Giving parents in underperforming districts more opportunity to choose a better school is nothing less than any of us would demand for our own children," said Baker in his most recent State of the Commonwealth address.  He continued, "a state that places such high value on education should not place arbitrary limits on high-quality schools. And it should not sit idly by while so many parents feel the pain of missed opportunity for their children.’’