Du Bois Award Winners: Meet Our Remarkable Students

The Du Bois Award is one of the highest honors at Boston Prep, awarded each week to one deserving student in front of the entire school community.  Named after W. E. B. Du Bois, the award recognizes a student who embodies the core virtues of Boston Prep -- courage, compassion, integrity, perseverance, and respect.  The award is an opportunity to highlight students who have shown high levels of academic achievement or growth along with a high level of character development.  In essence, Du Bois Award winners are students who embody the mission of Boston Prep.

Every Boston Prep teacher has the privilege of presenting the Du Bois Award one time each year.  As such, the selection of a student to honor is not taken lightly. Meet this year's Du Bois winners, thus far, through excerpts of the speeches teachers gave while honoring them in front of the school community.

Javier Lugo, Grade 8 - Honored by Mr. Blitzer
"It is often difficult to assess who is most deserving of the Du Bois Award at the beginning of the year.  However, all it takes is one week to change a person’s behavior.  Thinking back on last year, it is clear that Javi’s attitude and demeanor towards his education have changed drastically.  He carries himself with a self-respect he did not possess before, and he takes pride in changing for the better.  It is this pride that assures us that while it has only been one week, it is the first week of the rest of Javi’s life."

Dayla Achille, Grade 10 - Honored by Mr. Cook
"I think of a school year as being a music album.  Each portion of the year is a song in that album.  At the end of each year, we get reviewed by our students, our staff, and the state of Massachusetts with the question: how good was that album? To make great albums, the recipe is pretty simple; we need to cultivate great musicians.  This week's Du Bois Award winner is an excellent drummer.  She has been setting a steady beat for her classmates and teachers, as she can be counted on to engage in her learning and her growth every single day."

Olivia Barnes, Grade 12 - Honored by Ms. Stephenson
"This week, I would like to celebrate a student who has not allowed fear to keep her from trying. This week’s Du Bois winner has not earned straight As, but she has also never sat still.  Her GPA increased 10 points between freshman and junior year, and with continued hard work, an 85 (or higher) is within her grasp as she prepares to send transcripts to colleges in a few short months. Outside of class, she models respect and perseverance as a leader on the volleyball team and senior class representative.  She is a testament to our school mantra – her continued efforts have certainly yielded success."

Johnnyana Cime, Grade 7 - Honored by Ms. DiCocco and Ms. Dodge
"This week’s Du Bois Award recipient came to the starting line of her Boston Prep career ready to run a competitive race.  However, many students can 'get out of the gate' quickly. It shows true leadership to continue that strong pace during your 'second lap.'  This year, in her 'second lap,' this student has repeatedly stepped up in her homeroom, through constant participation, questions that prompt classmates to think more deeply about the content, and even co-leading her homeroom’s class cheer.  We look forward to coaching from the sidelines and seeing what records this student’s passion, energy, and drive allow her to achieve."

Nasya Bradshaw, Grade 12 - Honored by Ms. Diller and Ms. Johnson
"What makes this week’s Du Bois winner stand out is that she knows who she is, she is committed to her character, and she is committed to constantly growing.  School is not easy for her. In fact, it’s been a challenge both academically and ethically. Yet she perseveres every single year. She is never afraid to voice her opinion and participates frequently in all classes. She is an advocate for kindness and equality and will stand up to peers respectfully who do not show this kindness."

Charmaine King, Grade 11 - Honored by Ms. Abair
"When I spoke to teachers about this week’s Du Bois Award winner, they spoke a lot about academic growth. The student works hard and exhibits a strong work ethic. She is paying closer attention to the small details of her work. She is asking teachers for feedback and is taking the feedback and applying it to her work. Overall, teachers are seeing this student persevere inside and outside of the classroom."