A Family Affair: Meet the Dawns

The Dawn family has been with Boston Prep for the past eight years. NaKymrha graduated from Boston Prep in the spring and is now a freshman at Lincoln University. Her younger sister AllexAndrya is currently a junior at Boston Prep. Jessica Dawn has played an active role in the Parent Committee over the years and is always an enthusiastic attendee at school events.  

Recently, Ms. Dawn shared her experiences with us.

Boston Prep: What originally drew you to Boston Prep?

Jessica Dawn: The year that my oldest daughter was entering middle school, I applied to all the charter schools.  Then I started my investigation into the curriculum, test scores, history, failures, and accomplishments.  I ended up choosing Boston Prep for a number of reasons.  The fact that the school goes from 6th grade to 12th grade is a plus.  The curriculum is strong, and early test scores were promising.  The teachers are passionate about their work.  

BP: Now, after you've had some time at Boston Prep, what do you think is Boston Prep's greatest strength?

JD: Everyone at Boston Prep is passionate and wants to provide the best education possible for each student that crosses the school's thresh hold.  The teachers genuinely enjoy being educators.  There is a constant thirst to improve, ensuring the school is always advancing and finding new ways to best serve students.

BP: How is Boston Prep preparing your children for college success?

JD: Introducing college at every grade level has proven to be a great tool for Boston Prep.  Every parent I've spoken with who has a child elsewhere (including other charter schools, private/independent schools, and traditional public schools) is shocked that we have so many trips to various colleges and universities.  By the time students from Boston Prep enter high school, they have a strong understanding of what college is, why they should go to college, and what they need to do to get into a college of their choice.  

BP: How has Boston Prep helped your children grow as a people? 

When my older daughter entered Boston Prep, she was very shy and timid.  She would not raise her hand or speak for herself.  She was extremely quiet.  She knew what she liked and wanted but would not speak up about it outside of the house.  Now, through help from her teachers both in and out of the classroom and involvement in Boston Prep's many activities, she has become a strong and powerful young woman.  She voices her opinion and speaks her mind.  She speaks up for her rights and those of others.  I am proud of the young woman that my daughter is becoming.

On the other side of the spectrum, Boston Prep has taught my very outspoken younger daughter how to use her strong opinions and voice to her benefit.  The staff at Boston Prep are showing her how she can speak up in a proper way that will be well-received by others.

Both of my girls have learned through Boston Prep how to carry themselves and relate with others in a way that will help them be more successful in life.

BP: If a friend were considering sending their child to Boston Prep, what would you tell them?

JD: I recommend Boston Prep to other parents on a regular basis. An educational institution should possess so many different qualities on a high level, producing a student that knows the basics and well beyond.   I believe that Boston Prep is doing that.  If you want to send your child to a school that simply houses them during the day, then Boston Prep is not the school for your child.  But if you want to send your child to a school where he/she develops a thirst to be better in everything that they do, that develops a passion to further their education and to make a difference in their own lives as well as the lives of others, while gaining a wealth of knowledge, then Boston Prep is the school for you and your child.