Boston Prep's 5th Graduation

Members of Boston Prep's Class of 2019 are no longer Boston Prep students but rather have earned the title of alumni.  All fourty-two Class of 2019 graduates walked across the stage at Boston University on Sunday, June 7 to accept their high school diplomas.  A remarkable 350 people packed the auditorium, bringing balloons and flowers to congratulate the students who have invested tremendous effort and determination over the years to reach this important milestone.

In addition to Executive Director Sharon Liszanckie and Board Chair Bill Clark, students selected founding teacher Elsie Huang to deliver the keynote speech at graduation.  Further, valedictorian Nicolle Vittini and salutatorian Gardenia Pimentel shared their thoughts on the class's collective journey.  

In her remarks, Nicolle, who will attend Williams College in the fall, reflected on the Class of 2019's deep determination, drive, and impact.  "We are not looking to leave our footprints in the sand. We want to etch our footprints in stone. We want to make history, and in our time at Boston Prep, we already have."  

Gardenia, who will attend Bowdoin College, reflected similar sentiments, noting that the Class of 2019 has overcome every challenge that has stood in their way, preparing them for the many challenges that will undoubtedly arise in the future.  "Never let something in your way stay in your way. Go around, under, over, across, or through it -- because if you let it, it just might kill you. Do all these things to get past that obstacle, and you'll come out looking like Superman to not only those around you but also to yourself. With this class, I expect nothing less."

The Class of 2019 is the fifth class to graduate from Boston Prep, bringing the school's total number of alumni to 140.  All classes at Boston Prep are named by the year in which the students will graduate college rather than following the traditional convention of naming by the year they graduate high school. This helps convey the belief that while high school graduation is a significant milestone, it is not the end of the journey.  Instead, college graduation is the ultimate goal, one Boston Prep will continue to work with all graduates to achieve through the Persistence Project