Boston Prep’s First College Graduates

Boston Prep’s mission has always been to prepare students to succeed in four-year colleges.  High school graduation, while an important and significant stepping stone, is not our mark of accomplishment.   We have only fulfilled the promise of our mission when our students walk across the college graduation stage to accept their diplomas.

Our founding class began as young, impressionable sixth graders in 2004 and graduated from Boston Prep confident and capable in 2011.  They are now finally attaining the success we have awaited for so long, earning their college degrees.  Now mature, competent young adults, they are ready to make their mark on the professional world.  Below are profiles of just a few of our new proud college graduates. 

Donovan Birch graduated from Emerson College in December 2014, a semester early.  As a major in political communication, Donovan was well prepared to assume his current role as an account coordinator at a social change communications agency in San Francisco, CA.


Gabrielle Edouard is a recent graduate of Wheelock College, earning her degree in Communication Production and Counseling Psychology.  Gabrielle will return to Boston Prep in the fall, this time on the other side of the desk as a teacher, sharing her journey with the next generation of Boston Prep students.


Shahara Smith was proud to graduate magna cum laude from Howard University, where she studied physical therapy.  Shahara will be working in the physical therapy field this year and plans to return to graduate school in the fall of 2016. 


Dania Derivois recently graduated from Providence College with a degree in social science.  Dania is joining Teach for America and will be an elementary school teacher in the Boston area in the fall.