Boston Prep Awards Seats in 2015-2016 Enrollment Lottery


On March 11, Boston Prep held its twelfth enrollment lottery.  As a public charter school, Boston Prep enrolls students via a public lottery, with no entrance exam, tuition, or discrimination based upon academic achievement special needs, or English language status.  Families attended the lottery, anxiously awaiting results and hoping to hear their name as one of those admitted.  

Unfortunately, Boston Prep is able to offer seats to only a fraction of the students who apply.  The recent selection included seats in both the sixth and ninth grades.  Only 11% of those who applied were able to be offered a seat.  As is the tradition, faculty shared the joy of calling selected families the day following the lottery to inform them of their admittance to Boston Prep. Director of Operations Vanessa Shiu says, "It always gives me such joy and pride to be able to offer a seat to families over the phone.  Parents are overjoyed and excited about the promise of Boston Prep in helping their child get to college.  Obviously, I wish we had more seats to offer since there is such a high demand in the community for the educational opportunities offered by Boston Prep."

The several hundreds of students who would like the opportunity to attend Boston Prep but were not selected will be placed on a waiting list and will be notified if a seat becomes available.  A second lottery will be held in the summer for a very limited number of seventh and eighth grade seats.