Our Approach:
Elements of Success

At Boston Prep, we are dedicated to attaining our mission of preparing students to succeed in college and embody lifelong ethical growth.  We have carefully designed the Boston Prep program with intention and purpose to provide our students the greatest chance of future success. 


Rigorous Academics

Varied instructional methods engage student as active participants in the learning process as they tackle rigorous Common Core-aligned curriculum.  All students pursue a college preparatory Course of studies designed to develop the skills, habits, and knowledge necessary for success in college and the 21st century professional environment.



Intentional Ethical Development

Beginning in 6th grade, our students learn about our key virtues: courage, compassion, integrity, perseverance, and respect.  Students build a solid foundation of morals and values, developing a sense of right from wrong, and creating a framework for making decisions on how to treat themselves and others throughout life.

Integrated Supports

At Boston Prep, we believe firmly that every student can succeed.  However, challenges sometimes stand in the way of success.  Therefore, Boston Prep provides integrated supports for both students and families, ensuring all students have an equal opportunity to achieve at the highest level.  Academic and social-emotional support staff provide services both in and out of the classroom.



Intimate Community

Boston Prep offers students and families a warm, supportive community in which everyone is known and valued.  An an integrated middle school, high school, and college program students and families have the opportunity to work with teachers across multiple grade levels, developing deep relationships with one another.

Robust Alumni Support

The Persistence Project is Boston Prep's unique program that continues to provide support to alumni throughout college, ensuring they persist through graduation.  Boston Prep alumni receive regular, individualized strategic coaching and mentoring, professional networking support, book stipends, and emergency financial support for unexpected financial challenges.



Professional Excellence

Boston Prep is dedicated to recruiting, developing, and retaining the very best teachers.  Teachers engage in goal-setting, reflection, and purposeful action planning with department chairs on a weekly basis in addition to staff-wide professional development, which begins with a multi-week session in August and continues throughout the school year.  

"I know that my girls are prepared because of Boston Prep."

-Emmeline Derivois, Boston Prep Parent