3 Key Beliefs

Boston Prep is a truly unique and remarkable school with an approach all its own. We recommend that you review our About Us page to learn more about our approach, but we also encourage you to review the following key beliefs that permeate our staff culture and make Boston Prep stand out from many other district and charter schools across the country. 

01. We Believe in a One School Model

Boston Prep is an intimate community, committed to the city of Boston by design.  As a stand-alone school, we are focused on perfecting our systems and outcomes before replicating.  Our school is centered around a dual mission to prepare students for both success in college and lifelong ethical growth.  This mission is reflected in and out of classrooms in all activities of both students and teachers.  Moreover, as an intimate community, teachers have highly personal relationships with students, fostered through our advisory system, and the unique opportunity to see students develop from grade 6 through grade 12 and even beyond, through college.  

02. We are an Organization of Learners

Our students are not the only ones learning.  As teachers, we engage in regular, intensive professional development at a variety of levels.  The cornerstone of our professional development program is one-to-one weekly observations and mentoring meetings between teachers and department chairs.  In these sessions, teachers and department chairs create action plans designed to meet goals of increased rigor, intellectual engagement, and mastery of content.  Teachers at Boston Prep are actively engaged in a professional growth process aimed at improving their practice through planning, implementation, reflection, and iteration.  Our professional development program then expands to include department-wide, grade-level, and whole-staff regular collaboration and development.   

03. We Support Students Beyond High School

Boston Prep is committed to ensuring that students not only get to college but through college.  Be a part of a team that is changing the face of college persistence in a remarkable way.  With 140 alumni, 85% are currently persisting in college, a rate that exceeds not only national averages for low-income, minority youth but suburban, white youth.  Our Persistence Project provides unique supports to our alumni to ensure their success and also provides the ability for us to learn from our alumni’s successes and challenges, allowing us to continuously refine our programs in grades 6 - 12 to ensure we are actively preparing all of our students for success in college.