Building a Foundation for Success: Capital Campaign for Boston Prep's Permanent Home

View our informational brochure about Boston Prep's permanent home

View our informational brochure about Boston Prep's permanent home

Over the past eleven years, Boston Prep has operated with a unique two-part mission: college graduation and ethical growth. With 415 students currently enrolled and 140 alumni enrolled in colleges and universities across America, we are humbled by the continued success of our students, faculty, and community. 

As we reflect on our first eleven years, we also look forward to the years to come. We know that we must expand our program in ways our current facility can never afford in order to truly prepare our students for success in college.  Boston Prep's new permanent home, to be constructed at 885 River Street in Hyde Park, in close proximity to Mattapan, will offer the school, students, and teachers many advantages. The facility, being designed in collaboration with Studio G Architects, Pinck & Co., W.T. Rich, and Pacific Charter School Development, will offer programmatic, financial, and growth benefits.

  • Programmatic Benefits: Our new permanent home will allow our school to significantly improve the quality of programs offered through the addition of dedicated science labs, a library, indoor and outdoor athletic space, and state-of-the-art technology in every classroom - all of which are elements foundational to a college preparatory curriculum.
  • Long-Term Financial Benefits: The cost of the school's current rental facility will exceed the cost of the new building within five to eight years.  The fiscal benefits of owning, rather than leasing, our facility will allow us to reinvest savings in program development, ensuring students are graduating from four-year colleges.
  • Opportunity for Growth: Being built with the flexibility to easily allow expansion, the new facility provides Boston Prep the ability to grow to serve up to 100% more students in the future.

The Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) unanimously approved construction of the new facility, and local community members have expressed strong support for the addition of a school with proven success to the community.  Construction has recently begun and is scheduled to be completed in May 2017.

We Need Your Help

As Boston Prep prepares for this exciting new phase, we are in need of financial support and leadership from our philanthropic community. We ask you to join us with a special gift to our capital campaign.  With $5 million already raised, your support will help us raise the final $1 million toward our $6 million goal.  

Please follow the link below to contribute online.

To make contributions by mail, please send a check made payable to The Preparatory Foundation to:

Anders Peterson
Director of Development
Boston Prep
1286 Hyde Park Avenue
Hyde Park, MA 02136

To discuss multi-year commitments or gifts of low-cost-basis assets, such as stock, please contact Anders Peterson at or 617.333.6688 ext. 117.

885 River Street Awarded Public Bids

Projector Bid - CDW
Furniture Fixture and Equipment- WB Mason, Creative Office Pavillion, and Staples
Owners Project Manager – Pinck & Co.